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Incorrect abandoned game

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    Playing a live game and my timer wasn't running down but my opponents timer was running down. The game automatically ended showing I had abandoned the game. I don't understand how this game shows that I abandoned it...very strange, has this happened to anyone else, if so how is this possible?

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    happens a lot. just think of it as the price you pay for your "free" membership.

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    it's never happened before and i've been on chess.com for a while now and only in the last few minutes it has happened again...this is very sad

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #4


    It happens if you play live standard, then even if the opponent's clock is ticking he has to move within a few seconds.

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #5


    janniktr i play mostly 10 min live blitz matches, in these last two games my opponents timer was running down then the game showed it was abandoned by me...i don't understand how if my opponents timer is running down because it is their turn to play that i somehow lose the games through abandoning the games...it should be the other way around...i'm confused and very annoyed by this

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    It has happened to me many times. Now I just accept it. I cannot get stressed out over little things.

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    FooYee thanks, i'm more annoyed and confused than stressed though, it would be interesting to know if this error happens with higher rated grandmaster games or crucial tournaments, i bet it would be slightly stressful under those circumstances, but for me, I'm very annoyed and bemused

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #8


    Must be some software error. 

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #9


    Is it at the start of a game?

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #10


    janniktr first game was 6 moves in and the second one was 14 moves in FooYee it is something definitely new to me as i've been on chess.com since 2011 as a free member with no technical hassles

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    Okay, then I don't know why this happened. It never happened to me, I just thought that in the beginning when he has not moved yet the game gets aborted.

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #12


    I know it happens. I no longer get upset with it and just take the loss.

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #13


    Here's the official explanation.  If you don't agree with it please don't blame me; I'm just the messenger Laughing


  • 12 months ago · Quote · #14


    One possible problem is that your computer may be running at or near its max memory capacity, when some automated process starts up and puts your computer over the edge.  All you see is that clock running down. Meanwhile, you are not aware that your computer has lost its connection to Chess.com, leaving you annoyed and bemused.

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    Post this in the help and support forum...You have a better chance of getting a reply from chess.com help staff. Happened to me as well while using iPad app. Moving the thread there is my suggestion.

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #16


    streetking1986 i've posted the query on the help and support forum, many thanks notmtwain & baddogno thanks for the info

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #17


    RonaldJosephCote It would be a great shame if this happened because i am a free member, after all, the free membership is available for all players and as far as i can see free members don't have access to certain systems and tutorials, but in no way does it state that your games may be abandoned and you classed as losing the game when it was your opponents clock that was ticking down. I'm sure chess.com have not set their system up that way and i have enjoyed many games and forum/blog posts as a free member. I am unclear as to why you are against free members but the free membership facility is available so i don't think the chess.com system has singled me out for being a free member

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #18


    Whatever the reason don't get upset. Remember it is only a game!

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #19


    FooYee thanks, trust me, i'm not upset, i would just prefer to recieve constructive advice and guidance on the issue that i have raised, many thanks for your help

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #20


    I am on windows 8 and google chrome thanks. The problem has not happened since so i will trust in my free membership as it is available and is on the whole a great service with no charge, usually no hassles and some very good players.

    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

          I was just complimenting Bulgarian Machine's post. I wish you no harm, but hey, you get what you pay for. That has nothing to do with chess.com, that's true all over the world. As far as constructive advice and guidance, I have none. Submit a ticket, provide specifics, Jacklyn will ask what system?, what browser. There are a number of glitches the're working on, and a number of suggestions from good members. Part of the problem is spending a lot of time and resourses on the bad behavior of many bad apples and trools. If you take your chess seriously, then try to use Windows 7 or higher, Google Chrome or higher. I've had no mechanical snafu's with that, and try to buy some kind of better membership. Everybody wants FREE downloads, FREE apps, etc. Its no wonder TARGET, and YAHOO get hacked. I wish you a good year. If I hit the lottery, I'll buy you a lifetime mmbership!

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