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Is CHESS 960 a waste of TIME ?

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    I look for vunerable outside pawns [they would be rook pawns if the board was set for std chess] and work out which side I'd prefer to castle.

    Rooks can be attacked by a bishop if the outside pawn is unprotected.

    There can also be an unprotected pawn where the king can be checked by a knight. One game in which my opponent did not distinguish himself my 3 moves were knight moves..checkmate.

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    Ron-Weasley wrote:
    Knight_sky wrote:

    @Ron, you are using a database for your correspondence chess??  i understand about loooking at games, and analyzing during the game, but a database?  So, you enter the move you are on, duringthe game, and it gives youthe correct move (if it is similar to the opening line?   

    The opening explorer database on chesstempo is what I use, its slightly better than the chess.com database. 

    What an understatement.  The opening explorer and game database on ChessTempo are miles ahead of anything here on Chess.com.

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    960 partially luck -- how the pieces get arranged

    yeah, a waste of time.

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    ok thanx

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    Has the luck element truly been established for Chess960?  I know some high powered GMs take the game pretty seriously, and the reviews of the Kings and Queens tourney from last year had some favorable comments from the GMs playing in it.

    There are some positions where white has an obvious first move, but I've read some pretty good Chess players insist that there are counter moves for those positions.  They just aren't as obvious as white's easy choice.


    At any rate, I know that several sites, including chess.com, have 960 playing areas, so an awful lot of data should have been compiled on the subject.  Has chess.com or anyone else published any of those statistics on positions that give white a clear advantage?

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    Yup...total waste of time as far as improving your chess goes. However it is a lot of fun with some highly entertaining positions/games. I'm learning to play the game and realising that having control of the centre is still important in 960.

    Usually after 10 or so moves the position starts to resemble standard chess anyways.

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    lol thanx

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    Is Bobby Fischer's version of chess a waste of time? One of the greatest minds of chess? I think not. 

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    Chess 960 is an awesome tactical training tool in many positions and can also help you practice positional concepts in other alignments. While it won't help you remember the common replies of popular lines in standard chess, it is a nice break when you are burned out.

    If played OTB, I think its an awesome way to truly show the difference in chess talent and skill, more so than something like blitz. I would rather see 960, @ classical time controls, used to determine the WCC in the event of a tie breaker.

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    i agree nemo PS luv the propic !! ?? :P

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    what is your opinion ??

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    My opinion about what ?

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    is it a waste of TIME ??

  • 20 months ago · Quote · #55


    bettensmajic wrote:

    is it a waste of TIME ??

    Omg, can you just go stuff a plastic bag over your head and go for a jog?

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    ok sorry that you have nothing to do but ABUSE people !!

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    bettensmajic wrote:

    ok sorry that you have nothing to do but ABUSE people !!

    And I suppose patronizing people be you isn't a form of abuse ... ? You obviously aren't worthy of my opinion...you don't appear to be able to read well enough to comprehend it...

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    i said that to TheArtofWar

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    You really aren't as smart as you think you are. Insulting other people's intelligence isn't going to get you anywhere either...

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    ok nameno1had 

    i have learned :)

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