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is it really playing drunk a good option?

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    All I can say is: I hope most of you aren't driving anytime soon!


    Intoxication has rating classes just like chess.  You can play chess under the influence, but your maximum playing strength will be the lower of your chess and drinking/indulging ratings.

    I wouldn't drink before or during a tournament game, but rarely play a casual or online game without some relaxation effects. 


    In fact, I'm drinking right now! And my spelling remains impeccable throughout - notice that at no time do my fingers leave my hands.

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    I'm in two minds about this - on the one hand I've managed to pull off some pretty cool and out-there combinations while otp, but I've lost an equal (or greater) number of games due to the same influence. Basically, the biggest problem with playing drunk (for me) is not evaluating immediate threats, but seeing ahead. Alcohol just about kills foresight.

    Also lol at the title "is it really playing drunk a good idea?" I'd say the word order there answers your question.

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    Daneel_Olivaw wrote:

    Also lol at the title "is it really playing drunk a good idea?" I'd say the word order there answers your question.

    Yup, I noticed that too.  You're not as think as we drunk you are!

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    Ubik42 wrote:

    Someone translate the title into english please.

    translate the title into english???...mmm, why?, i don't get it why you want it translated into english...strange...

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    the better question would be: what is not a good idea to do while drunk? the list is much shorter.

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    Can someone play good chess after pot?

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #67


    conejiux wrote:

    Can someone play good chess after pot?

    Yes. Magnus Carlsen.

  • 18 months ago · Quote · #68


    He could even play good Chess while being blindfolded, sitting in a public restroom and listening to the Smashing Pumpkins.

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    Sometimes I play under the influence (alcohol) & I seem to keep my rating intact, but if I keep on drinking then I get much worse.I try to keep to Russian brands of Vodka just to be on the safe side, makes me think that at least I could play like a Russian.

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    The Smashing Pumpkins is good for concentration, though.  I play slightly better when I listen to this song:


  • 17 months ago · Quote · #71


    I just randomly picked a noisy band, chasm1995. ;)

    But just imagine: A distracted, drunk super-GM like Carlsen, Kramnik, Aronian etc. could still destroy a lesser titled player, like an NM or IM, any day. That puts their sheer strength into a tangible perspective. 

    "See that guy, who is well below 2200, weeping over there? Yeah, that was me."

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    Is it really understanding thread drunk a good option?

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #73


    I understand, TheBigDecline, but you picked a band I enjoy, so I defended it.  Pick some sort of pop music band next time; they all suck (according to me) :D

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #74


    Endgame is funniest part. Trust me.

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