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    I have My System....

    but there is another book out there,

    Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances sinces Nimzowitch.


    Does the latter supercede the former...?

    Or are they complimentary?

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    From the sound of the titles alone, the latter builds on the former, not supercedes it. I'm guessing My System will remain an excellent read ;)

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    Both books - all levels.  Start with Nimzo and go from there.

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    I have my system by Nimzowitsch, but it's hard too use for me because it's all in the old chess notation which I don't understand very well.

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    echecs06 wrote:

    Is Chess Praxis still in print? I lost my copy awhile back. shows several for sale.

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    I just bought (I hope) the newest version of My System (version 2007, ISBN 9789197600538).

    Looking forward to read it after these comments!

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    Thanks everyone....

    i did read Seirawan strategy and a lot of themses seem to be covered...

    so i guess it going over familiar ground...

    i will then get watsons...


    i'll post something about endgame books...

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    My system is a great book to understand basic chess thinking.

    For endgames maybe you should see Keres - series of endings rooks and queens.

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