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PLEASE VOTE: 30/30, 30/15 or 30/10 in Version 3

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    i'm sorry you feel that way. maybe one day you will know what it's like to be in a position where you have to balance the needs of millions of people, and the pain that comes with disappointing some while pleasing others. at the end of the day you cannot please everyone, because one person's desire becomes another person's discomfort. tweak something to please one person, upset another. try to fix that, upset a 3rd person. i'm always in a no-win situation. i do my best to please as many people as i can. i hate disappointing people, but it's impossible to please everyone. sorry. 

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    Well, we're not asking you to please everyone. We did make a suggestion to potentially improve the quality of the chess here and "please" a greater majority. If you simply assume 30min is what will please more people than 30+increment, I don't really see the effort or the evidence... or, have you asked people this before?

    And just as you stated, this is nothing personal towards you.

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    Eric...we know you do your best and we LOVE this site.  And trust me, I also get you can't please everyone all the time.  Is there a way for you to poll through software all the players who play just 30 minute games and just ask their opinion?  What if the great majority said they would love a small time control?  At that point, wouldn't it make sense as you will enhance the quality of this site by making more people enjoy their online experience? Not sure if I mentioned this to you, but I upgraded to Diamond, ordered course 012 from chess.com University and also take lessons from one of the coaches on this site.  I say that only so you know we take this seriously. Thanks and looking forward to version 3.  This site is a tremendous resource for all chess players including weak players like me. 

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    I don't know exactly what 30/30 means but I have an idea.  30 minutes for the game and then maybe hmm an additional 30 minutes per move.  I don't know fully understand but I was asked to comment here so respectfully I'm doing so.  

    Usually I would say the longer the better but too long,obviously too long is not to good either.  

    So if I had to vote (with somewhat of a limited understand of this),I'd probably say that 30/30 would be the max,uhm 30/15 is probably  more ideal if you're playing a live game obviously.  I guess if it's different if it's an online game,which then you have like forever lol.  

    I think the point is not to move too quickly and to take your time,or learn to get into the habit of playing slow games,so you can see and understand what's going on over the board and play sound moves.  Many of the people I have played don't do this and it costs them big time and to be honest I haven't always done it myself but I'm trying to break out of my bad habits.  

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    30/15 means 30 minute game, with 15 additional seconds per move.

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    Thanks,understood,I guess 30/30 means 30 minutes with 30 seconds added to each move and the same with 30/45,only 45 seconds each move.  I gotcha,thanks for clearing that up for me

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    There are only three defaults for lower rated players who prefer standard games: 15/10, 30 and 45/45.  Why would the 30 minute game which many more players prefer over 45/45,  be the only standard default game without a time control?  It makes no sense at all.   I would bet every pawn on the chessboard that if you eliminated the standard 30 minute game and added a 30/30, 30/15 or 30/10, you would get very few complaints and a heck of a lot of thanks from lower rated players like myself for listening and caring enough to make the 30 minute game more enjoyable by adding a time control.  This chess site favors higher rated players because they have 7  defaults for blitz players to choose from.  I play 15/10 because I enjoy the time control for end games.  45/45 takes too long and many people do not have the time to play 45/45 games that can take over 2 hours. I still vote for 30/15 but I don't believe the owners of this site care enough about players in the 800 to 1200 range to make a simple change from 30 to 30/15.  99% of players who play 30 minute games would love to have a small time control. The only way this change will happen is to get members to express their opinion.

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    Yeah I've been playing a lot of 15|10 lately, but I'm finding that my play is very careless... because it's simply not enough time for me to play real chess. I dropped over 100 points in a few days. Still, I basically refuse to play 30 minute games without an increment anymore. Undecided

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