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Ridiculous new "anti-cheating" rule for the World Open.

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    camter wrote:

    Just to clarify, Is this word bathroom an American euphemism for whatever it is a euphemism for ?

    "Bathroom" is Merkin-speak for toilet, or WC. Sometimes the term "restroom" is used. I've been overseas enough to know these are both very odd terms to use when not inside the good ol' US of A.

    When I come back from extended trips, I tend to keep asking "Where is the toilet?" and get odd glances as if I'm fixing to piss on the floor if I don't find a urinal fast.

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    SilentKnighte5 wrote:

    There's already a rule against cheating.  There doesn't need to be an additional rule against bathroom cheating because the 1st rule covers it.

    There are laws against murder.  There doesn't need to be another law against murdering someone in a bathroom.

    You aren't going to like this, and probably won't accept it. That's the nature of a troll. But for the benefit of the casual observer: The rule is to assist the tournament director in enforcing discipline against cheaters. When it's laid down in simple terms, no computers in the bathroom during the tournament, it takes away the cheater's resort to "Hey, you can't prove I was cheating and no you can't see my phone!"

    So yes, there are laws against murder. There are also laws against discharging a firearm in public. There are also laws against taking a weapon, permitted or otherwise, into an establishment that caters to patrons 21 years of age and above. So, if there is already a law against murder, why do we need these other laws?

    In the off chance you are dense instead of obtuse, the reason is to remove temptation. If I don't take my pistol into a nightclub, I remove the chance of getting drunk and shooting myself in the thigh, or someone else in the head. (Pun not intended, ha ha ha.)

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    "Their is no reason to have a cell phone in a bathroom...."


    ...unless it's the Olympics in Russia,or for some other reason you find  you can't get out.

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