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Ridiculous new "anti-cheating" rule for the World Open.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #141


    I suffer from schizophrenia and my alternate personality is rather good at chess. Would it be cheating if he occasionally suggested a move? And what about a midget in a suitcase or a Mechanical Turk?

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #142


    Good thing none of this concerns me since I don't have a cell phone :P

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #143


    No discrimination now...NO LITTLE PEOPLE in a suitcase! And definitely no confounded MECHANICAL TURKS! NO! NO! NO! Oh no gotta go!         CHESS RULES!!!

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #144


    Good point. No cell phone is a good cell phone. Who wants to microwave their brains on a regular basis anyways. Sort of like putting an egg in a microwave & cooking it, only slower. They just don't come out right.                    CHESS RULES!!!

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #145


    "Their is no reason to have a cell phone in a bathroom...."


    ...unless it's the Olympics in Russia,or for some other reason you find  you can't get out.

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