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    I can't work out what this thread is about :-)

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    My user name is shocking, so make sure you're grounded before you engage!

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    Dragon_of_Fury wrote:

    Lou-for-you, you are a facist pig.

    Lou: well that is unkind. There is absolutely nothing fascist in what i stated. You are no dragon of fury. You are just an english boy trying to play chess. Nothing wrong with that for as long as you do not try to fly or breathe fire.

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    Wanna see something funny?  Look at the list of closed accounts for cheating and note all the arrogant-sounding usernames.  Like right now I'm seeing D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-R-2, THEBIGBOSSMAN111, lordmatekills, iPwnChessMasterz, and others.

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    I'm Delia3237! A very normal name, I see, and I like my name cuz its my real name.

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    I am not the Common Red Fox.

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    'erz1456 is more appropriate for a commoner like most people'.

    Nothing facist, no. Absolutely zero. 

    Nothing annoyingly patronising about your last post either. 

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    Erm, no?

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    KITTYPETS!!!! Lol I like ThuderClan & RiverClan though (AND SunClan my made up Clan!)

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    Mutant Turnip is my favourite. 

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    One leg!

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    I think people get used to the screwed up, over complex, number suffixed handles they're forced to adopt on other, more popular sites, and after a while they sort of internalize that name.  I can just use "Krooze" here, but if this was, say, a google acount, it would have to be something like "Kro0z3rulez420691983x."

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