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What does it take to get to a 2000-2200 rated player? Really.

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    You are quite the success story. Perhaps you should star in a hollywood film titled "Chess Rocky goes to Jail."

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    nobodyreally wrote:
    Taunting_Troll wrote:

    Ahhh, we all the love the good Hollywood storyline where the underdog works and toils and sweats and practices and trains and eventually overcomes and defeats their nemesis.

     Jesse Marku's story is taken right from ROCKY IV. Just pull a sled full of logs through waist deep snow and you too can overcome.

    Nice. But for every underdog triumphs story, there are a 1000 stories where the underdog gets pummeled.

    COUNTERPOINT: My buddy never, ever practices golf. Never goes to the driving range, never works on his short game. Owns junky clubs. He routinely shoots in the low 80s upper 70s.

    I hit wiffle balls til I have blisters. Have nice clubs. I video tape my swing to analyze it. I hit chip shot after chip shot in my backyard. I set up my own putting green in my backyard.

    We are the same age, same height, nearly the same weight. Guess what, I have NEVER beaten him in the last 20 years. Not once.

    There ya go. That's a more accurate protrayal of real life. No Hollywood script, feel good, underdog, happy ending storyline. The real deal.

    That about covers it.

    lol, look, I don't think the guy's story proves much either, but why can't we just be happy for him? Heaven forbid...

    Well, I am. I'm glad you could succeed. That doesn't take talent out of the equation, but really, good job.

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    Yeah, I was talking about the guy Taunting Troll was responding to. Sorry for the confusion.

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    If you ask me books and training softwares are scam, also paying for chess instricturos is waste of money. Unless you wanna be professional player to make a living from chess, don't waste a dime on chess. There is a lot useful material for free on internet and whole this raiting and titles idea is pure business. Its fictional so people get hooked to chess and tournaments and spend money there.

    Chess is good to develop analytical skills, which help you in your studies or professional carreer you pursue. Otherwise it's just a game like all others, fun way to waste time.

    Taunting troll big respect what you wrote so far :D

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    It's not that books are a scam (although some may be), it's that we now have better resources. Books used to be the best way to learn more chess information (aside from playing games and analyzing with other players).

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    The balance of knowledge and performance/technique is much different in chess than golf. Silly to compare the two.

    In golf it's easy to know what you're supposed to do. In chess it isn't.

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    Taunting troll coach me :)


    Here is sth from bruce lee, troll is talkin bout :) 

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    If someone's defense affects your offense, it is a sport.

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    Well, some people believe so.

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    Well, I know someone who far exceeded this level of skill; you might ask him how to get to this level. He always gives consistent advice....

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    I can share my personal experience, I started doing taekwondo when I was 17, when I was 21 I was training in south korea with world best athletes and also in my national team. I practiced for several years for 3-4 hours each day, I was killing myself. 


    Yes I got better, but not enough to be in even national top level.

    I injured my knee two times and injured my ankle 2 times, so I can't do anymore taekwondo on very high level. Problem is in my physique I am not flexible I suck a lot at split and I did everything to become more flexible but it just didn't work out. That is the reason because I started doing it at 17 years old. 


    My lesson is, yes you can become better with hard work, but becoming on top national, euoropean or world level you need hard work from young age and TALENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Without talent you will exhaust or break yourself with hard work and in the end hard work will become counterproductive for you.

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