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What is the most boring thing in chess?

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    Finishing a won game?! How about the converse; finishing a losing game? It's like waiting for the other shoe to drop!

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    Hey,I opened this topic 3 years ago!It's a surprise you guys remembered to comment on it again.Thank you all!

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    Trying to figure out what the most boring thing in chess is

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    I really don't like it when it's necessary to check a move with a lot of calculation.  I like trying to "read" the position and calculate a few short sequences.  When there are a lot of tactics I hate trying to find the most accurate sequence under risk of losing... it's very tedious to me.

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    being completely quiet  up to 4 hours and sometimes even 6 hours. no exercise during the game is also boring.
    besides d4 openings are the most boring opening in chess.

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    Rook and pawn endgames.

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    When you play against the same opponent over and over again for one year is also boring..

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