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What rating signals a good player?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #41


    It's all relative and solely dependant on anyone's particular perspective; it's hard to understand how a 2400 plays moves of that quality, until you get to that quality. It was hard for me to understand how 1800 players could make such good moves, but now that I am one, it doesn't seem special to me.

    It's all about your perspective. If you think you're a good player, go ahead and think that -- you can't be wrong either way.

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    I think any rating over 1000 at chess.com will beat most of the players in the public sector that have not played on an online site.  My current rating is 1078 and I feel I have gotten pretty good.  My rating will be going up because I am playing alot of chess now that I recently found this site.  I mainly play 1 minute games as they are fast and exciting!

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