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what's the main difference between a 1300 and a 1800 player?

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    Jimmykay wrote:
    chessman1504 wrote:
    halfgreek1963 wrote:

    500 pts. Anymore math questions you need help with?

    This joke is getting slightly outdated.

    so is the thread.

    Isn' 'v'ry'thin' is? Undecided

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    eastyz wrote:

    Play the Caro-Kann as black against e4.  Unless your opponent is strong, he or she will find it difficult to sharpen the struggle.  French is another option as it generally keeps the game closed.  Play also closed (or semi-closed) openings as white such as the English and Kings Indian Attack.  Again, unless you opponent is strong, the game will not sharpen up for a long time.  Against d4, play d5 lines such as the Slav.  There are sharp lines in the Slav but generally it takes two to tango.

    Thank you very much. Good suggestions! I will look closer at the slav as my first new openingtraining. Maybe I should start play a lot d4 as white, to get a feeling what the attacker thinks against the slav ( I have been playing e4 always). 

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    If you play d4 as white, you have to be prepared for the Gruenfeld.  But that only sharpens up if you let it.  Play the Bf4 line.  Black can still sharpen it up from there, but it is harder and only a strong player would know what he is doing.

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    Whats the difference?

    300 rating points. Duh

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    Thanatos_01 wrote:

    the main difference is that one is 500 elo ahead of the other

    You just won the internet. lol

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    The main difference is that the 1800 is a patzer who thinks he or she is skilled, while the 1300 is only a beginner.

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    I went to 1901 in less than two years, and I still am underrated, providing I perform against masters like I have so far.

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    Why was this thread revived again? 

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    ForeverHoldYourPiece wrote:

    Why was this thread revived again? 

    It happens.Smile

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