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who do you think is the best chess player in chess history?

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    Fischer and Carlsen

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    JohnClairlively wrote:

    In various studies, Capablanca, Fischer, Kramnik, and Carlsen have all come out on top when comparing percentages of moves they made to computer-perfect moves. Depending on the difficulty of the positions arising in the games, these percentages have ranged from a bit over 50% up to approaching 80%.

    ThrillerFan and Pfren routinely hit 100%.

    So they are obviously #1 and #1A of all time in strength.  With only Gonnosuke being a close rival.

    You can't remember Gonnosuke as he hasn't been around since August 2011, can you?

    Computer-like accuracy isn't the only factor in human chess, and also not the most important one. Lasker, Marshall, Tal, Bronstein and Larsen were significantly stronger players than Kramnik, though less "accurate".

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    Rezső Charousek

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