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Who else with Average IQ sucks at Chess ( lol ) ?

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    Rainuchka wrote:

    If results in SAT and IQ tests are comparable, then IQ does not measure intelligence. It measures only knowledge.

    I know that it is indeed so.

    yeah no. you wish I suppose. the sat does not measure knowledge.

    if it were that kind of test high iq societies like triple nine wouldn't use it for admissions purposes. here's a link to their website, just for you, http://www.triplenine.org/main/admission.asp

    oh geez, I didn't even catch that it was so absurd. you're trying to say that iq has nothing to do with intelligence. ohhhhhh mannnnn. you people are really something. that's completely ridiculous. are you serious? are you kidding me?

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    Rainuchka wrote:

    I do know the SAT. It measures knowledge from the last few years in school, in various areas: natural science, math, language. There are books with sample SAT tests and solutions. People who use these books as training have much better chances for high score than others. In other words, no measurement of intelligence via SAT.

    you have been misinformed. that is not what the sat I is at all. it does not test what you learned in class. the sat II's do that though.

    I suggest you do some more research.

    yes there are books and courses people can use/take to increase their score. however, it's been found that scores don't really increase any more than 50 points after the use of such resources i.e. no significant change. this fact has led some to believe that profit/money is the reason those books and courses exist. which would you know make sense (and cents).


    and I'll say it again for good measure. the sat can be used to generate an accurate estimate of a person's iq within 2-3 points. this is why high iq societies like triple 9 use it for admissions purposes.

    if you are going to claim that the sat isn't a measure of intelligence, then you are going to have to claim that iq isn't a measure of intelligence (not an argument I would want to make or defend, but you go ahead I won't stop you.)

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    hahhhaahhhaa. yeah I have no more use for this thread.

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    The reality is, that if you put someone with a high IQ against someone with an average IQ across a chess board, assuming neither of them had ever played before, then the high IQ player would probably win.

    Put a high-IQ novice against a low-IQ player who does 100 tactics problems a day and the low-IQ player will win easily. Chess is predominantly a pattern recognition game, not a mental ability one.

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    Thanks for the posts.

    I'm falling behind here, but I will read thru the new items soon.

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    A new record has been set at MENSA as a 3 year old girl from Arizona is the youngest member ever. She is estimated to be at an IQ level of nearly 160 points. The young lady has learned the Spanish language by only using an I-Pot, not bad.

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    We have a thread on the go here in these forums about people with high IQs that seem to have problems playing Chess. I felt that this was somewhat elitist and that they were excluding a lot of people. Therefore we have the question as posed in the title for this thread ( and I think that we should exclude all of the geniuses from the other thread ) --- ( of course those who may be  Self-Professed Geniuses need to be excluded too  lol ).

    ---Thanks for the post Chess_gg. I've gone back to the first post that I put up in this thread to explain my position. There was a thread on the go here about High IQ people who sucked at Chess and boy did things get very deep over there. However the fellow who started that thread got into trouble and was thrown out of this site and his threads were erased. So this little thread has had to carry on by itself without the " Genius " thread for comparison, a shame that ( the other thread was quite interesting ).

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    A little PS note: the info on the little MENSA girl came from the radio and I probably forgot some of the details. I do have a little cell-phone here but at the same time I couldn't tell a I-Pod from a flower pot.

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    There is a thread on the go here about Chess and coffee. This brings up a good point as coffee is a stimulant. As an example of what might happen let us take Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith both of whom are going to play in a tournament. Mr. Jones gets up and has his cereal plus a orange juice. Mr. Smith like bacon and eggs in the morning plus a couple of cups of coffee. After eating both men dash off to the tournament, does Mr. Smith have an advantage over Mr. Jones ( due to the caffeine ? ).

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    Gary Kimovich Kasparov  ( born Gary Kimovic Weinstein ) became a champion chess player at 22yrs old His peak rating was 2851 but this was beaten in 2013. Gary Kasparov is Russian . His IQ was measures at 187 ..in par with Bobby Fischer ( American ) champion chess player. Now Fischer's life turned bizaar due to his extreme mind states. He self destructed. Kasparov's IQ was retested and found to be 145. 

    .003% of pop  have an IQ over 160

    0.13 % have IQ over 145

    2.3%  have IQ of over 130

    With an IQ of 130 + you could do anything it is an INTELLIGENT mind provided your testing was lrgit and not overdone to attain that score.

    Children with high IQ's suffer from daydreaming and idleness at school and are isolated like Bobby Fischer.  Further statistics are needed for an answer to this question.If Kasparov really had an IQ of 145 after a SERIES of tests  there is hope for all of us . EVERYONE CAN PLAY CHESS BUT FEW BECOME MASTERS.    

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    Thanks for the posts.

    A new thread here states: " Players Who Suck At Chess Should Play Checkers ". By this logic over 90% of all Golf courses will now have to be closed as well over 90% of all players in that sport are not very good ( kick the can will be their new sport, sorry fellows & ladies  lol).  

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    The May issue of " Chess Life " has a feature on the Las Vegas Chess Festival which mentions GM Timur Gareev who had in mind playing 10 blindfold games ( Simultaneous boards ). I gather that he plans to keep working at blindfold Chess and someday to try to set a new world record of 64 simultaneous boards ( a bit of memory capacity needed there I would say  Wow ! ). 

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    We have a thread on the go now entitled : " 10,000 hour rule Debunked ! ". This is great news because the new theory seems to be that either you have or you don't. So don't spend a lot of time studying because if you don't improve by playing a few games here and there it means that you do not have it ( whew, what a relief  lol ). 

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