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why do people stall when they are losing?

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    they are afraid

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    I sympathize with players who are frustrated by stubborn opponents who play on in hopeless positions. But they have that right. You know that going in. To expect the other guy to throw in the towel when you think he should is unrealistic. Besides, he may not realize or believe he's losing. What was it Donald Byrne said after the so-called 'Game of the Century'? Something like most of the spectators thought he had a won game right when he resigned.

       Anyway, let's not forget about Kasparov. Of course he's not competing now, but he was pretty well known to be somewhat of a sore-loser, on the rare occasions when he did lose. If the top-gun is kind of a bad sport, what kind of an example did he set? But to be fair, he's just a human being, and emotions are part of the human condition and quite understandable, and even predictable, in any kind of competition. Players are gonna' stall for a variety of reasons, including bad sportsmanship and downright nastiness...... Might as well get used to it.

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    I appreciate your reasoned response. I am unfortunately saddened that my return to chess after so many years of not playing has turned up the same widespread lack of sporting behavior that turned me away from it in the past.

    Yes, I agree, if one wants to play this game, one must get used to the fact that poor sportsmanship is accepted as part of the game. I wish it could be different. It's summer, so goodbye chess, hello golf, where slow play is rightly and strongly discouraged, both by the rules and by peer pressure. The fresh air will be a welcome relief.

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