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    CP6033 wrote:
    Da-Waaagh wrote:

    Wait until you break 2000, then Chess.Com will accuse you pf cheating!


    My landlord (who is a much stronger player than me) recieved an automatic letter which read along the lines of... Now that you have reached 2000, we are not accusing you of cheating but want to warn you that....

    wow, that is funny!  I guess after 2000 then you kinda are in the cheating grounds.

    I have never received a note from the powers that be about this, but I have run into a load of people who have been canned for cheating.

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    Thats because everyone trusts DR's my good DR.

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    JMB2010 wrote:

    Being accused of cheating is the greatest compliment any chess player can receive!

    I was accused of cheating once... but the person that accused me had never played me, and probably hadn't even looked at any of my games. Does that still count as a compliment?

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    Looks like you've been accused again!

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