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if i give a friend a gold membership...

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    can he see all of our computer analyzed games if i send him the link?

    i am a platinum member and have all my games analyzed

    thanks in advance for your help


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    ARASHSHAHROKH80 wrote:

    No Thanks ,  my game too heavy

    doesnt answer my question any help out there??

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    I don't think he will be able to see the actual outcome of the computer analysis , if that's what you mean.

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    yes thats what i mean, even if i make him a premium member GOLD?

    anybody in help can confirm this for me?

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    No he cannot see it as it for your eyes only. And if by our meaning you and the opponent. If i am correct even the for same game it will be analyzed slightly different for each side.

    Now you have the option to copy past it or insert the moves the computer thought was better in a forum,thread or private message. ... using "Insert position or game"

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    I have taken a look at some of your games and couldn't see the analysis of any of them. 

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    The only person who can the analysis from computer is the person who requested the analysis. And when your opponent request one of the game i have to assume that it might vary some.

    Now a person can take the moves from the analsis from computer but they can not show all the details  (ok they can put that is a lot of copy past.) Then they can insert them into their  comments or message they send a person.

    Else no other way.

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    thanks guys for your help!  much appreciated :) -- Ray

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