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No Sound On My Opponent’s Moves

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    As far as the thread's main subject, I never play with the sound on, so I haven't experienced this issue before.

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    Sound is dubious?

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    Just watch the pieces move, no sound required.

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    Ronnee wrote:

    Your opponent is probably SWITCHING from sound to no sound just to confuse you. When that happens PLEASE TURN OFF ....your....sound so you can confuse him. 9/10 times an opponent gets the message. I dislike stealth players so I play them at their own game, TWO silent players or 2 sounding players............thats fair.

    It's not fair, it's a waste of my time.  Like a give a cr*p about my online rating.  Too many players like that and I'll just play somewhere else.

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    Why is sound so important? There is no positional advantage with it on or off.

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    Biggest problem is when you look up at the board and miss your opponent's move.  You may only lose a few seconds but it can be very annoying in a blitz game.  No, no advantage.  Not trying for one, just want to enjoy the game.

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    Same issue here.  As for everybody's 'advice' and 2 cents regarding "Why is sound so important" etc., you are missing the point of the OP's concern which is totally valid.  If one guy has normal sound while the other doesn't, it's like playing with a disadvantage.

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    Sound takes months to travel on this thread.

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    Dude, this no sound is getting rediculous for me.  About 2/3's of the time I can't hear anything.  In one minute, people move so fast that you can't see the move so you rely on the sound.  Sometimes 5 seconds or more go by until I realized the opponent moved.  I can't play here anymore.  I'm posting this as a last ditch attempt before I leave the site.

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