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Why doesn't it send my email alerts when it's my turn to move?

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    I was playing a game in a tournament, and I had 3 days to move.  When it was my turn, it started the timer, but didn't send me an email, even though I subscribed to get email alerts when it was my turn to move.  It sent me an email when there was 8 hours left.  I check my email every day, which should be enough if I actually had the 3 days it said I would have.  But I don't check my email every 8 hours, especially not if I happen to be sleeping then.  So, I lost the game because of time.  The same thing happened to my brother, who was also playing in the same tournament.  How can I, my brother, or Chess.com fix this?

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    Probably because it didnt get verifyed and you didnt subscribe to get alerts of whats happening on chess.com

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    But I DID subscribe to get alerts!  What do you mean by "verified?"

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    Well i dont know then sorry. You might have to ask help and support in the chatrooms.

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    I have the same question. I just started a game and I don't get alerts when it's my move. Do I have to sign up for something?


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    @mabro354- Do you have your settings set up to receive alerts? You can check here: http://www.chess.com/home/alerts

    If you do, you might also check your spam folder as sometimes our messages get sent there. 

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    Just a thought, check that your spam filter/virus protector allows it through.

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    I think I have it figured out now.  The problem is that I have to officially log out for it to send me the emails.  Just closing the window isn't enough.  

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