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chess.com ratings are deflated against USCF

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    Well..... I dont think in that he said anythinh about chess.com. But anyway if you want something that measures your skill tactics, strategu ,opening then it could not be a rating. More like curriculum of chess school or somethig,  or like belts in martial arts.

     But even in judo no-one really cares what dan grade you have. What matter whom you won. And that ís relative. Was the master of this better thatn master ten years ago. No one knows and cannot be measured.

    But ratings are just numbers. One dimensional by nature so they measure really one thing. And one ability to win games is the most important thing to measure anyway.

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    johnmusacha wrote:
    pawpatrol wrote:

    I did not see where he said that.

    You must have some severe reading comprehension problems then, bubba.

    If I'm not mistaken, and I don't think I am, the part you think Glickman said was said by the author of the post.  I find it unlikely Glickman would say anything like chess.com's ratings need "adjusting."

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    Nope you got the two parts switched up in your mind brah

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