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No sound in Live Chess

  • 8 months ago · Quote · #61


    Sounds work in Chrome but not in Safari and Opera Browsers. The flash is updated and I don't know how to do. I prefer Opera or Safari because I have less bugs and crashes while playing. Somebody fixed the problem? Tnx

  • 6 months ago · Quote · #62


    FIX THE DAMN SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2 months ago · Quote · #63


    i am getting no sound and it hasn't worked for a while.  i have hard reset, i have cleared cache and browsing history. I also have the latest version of flash.  It has been like this for a while, every time i play, i use chrome.  not sure what is going on but it's annoying.  what can i do to fix this?

  • 11 days ago · Quote · #65


    Can you please fix the sound? In live chess. Safari 9.0.1. OS 10.11.1

  • 7 days ago · Quote · #66


    Chess.com can you FIX THIS ?  It's a problem many people have . It comes and goes. yes if I restart the browser the sound  comes back, but it's very disorienting when the sound disappears within a game. I often lose the game when it happens

  • 7 days ago · Quote · #67


    Same problem here please help

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