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"Moderators in live chess" An effort to analyse their behavior !

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    Hey all chess lovers and admirers of this website ! Playing here is always a wonderful experience and so is chatting in the Main Hall.. We all like playing and chatting. Chatting is a way we can interact and if you often use chat rooms, you already know that chat restriction is lowered to one post per 5 seconds for free members. There are always instances of abuses in the hall, which is an undesirable but a sure consequence of having a public chat room and our mods always try to do the best they can to make this site clean and healthy place to talk. BUT, what if the people in power commit a mistake ?? It's human and possible. What to do in such cases ? Practically, nothing can be done by us. I had an argument with a mod today and I was right in everything I said, but, to save his/her face the mod deleted their comment and asked me 'to mind my own business'. Not criticizing the person, but the way I was replied, I decided to post this forum topic. I just expect who ever reads it, shares his good or bad experience with mods...

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    chess.com is a website.  Right or wrong has nothing to do with anything.  Erik can do whatever he likes with his site.

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    Mods are people too, and we have good days and bad days.

    Sometimes everything works out fine, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes we blunder.

    You just have to accept it.

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    IMO, the mods are pretty lax around here. It's a bad idea to get into a fierce discussion with a mod on any site, regardless of right or wrong. If it's an actually important issue, submit a ticket or bring it up in the forum or something. If it's not, just drop it. But I've seen forums where the mods are much nastier than here.

    What was the argument about? And how heated was it? And how important was it? Chances are, the mod just lost his/her temper, like so many other people on the internet. It's unfortunate, but bound to happen sometimes. And it's the first I've heard of it. Most of the time, the chess.com staff is cheerful to the point of annoyingness.

    I guess what I'm saying is, don't start backtalking a cop, or a moderator. :)

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    PhDerek, as you said, losing of temper by a mod is 'unfortunate' and I agree. Being an active member, pointing at things is my healthy right and I just did that. It's not that what you said as a 'fierce' discussion at all. I just asked to share experiences, good or bad, and I am glad if you always had better experiences. Even I did have good experience with many 'better' mods and staff members :)

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