Refusing rematches=Bad etiquette?

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    Is it considered bad etiquette if you refuse a rematch after beating a much higher rated player?

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    A ton of forum threads on this already. There's no right answer to this ... it really depends on the context and situation:

    The answer could be yes IF 

    • You have time to spare to re-match at the same time control.
    • You don't have something specific to do (look up the game online, research an opening etc.) that cannot wait.
    • You played a challenging game that you really enjoyed.
    • He made an early + terrible blunder/mouse-slip that was uncharacteristic given the quality of his other moves.
    • He was gracious with his loss and didn't call you lucky or anoint you with any choice swear words.
    • He behaved well throughout the game and didn't make multiple-draw offers when he was staring down the barrel of a forced mate. 
    • You agreed to a rematch beforehand
    • You responded to HIS seek, i.e. you challenged him.
    I honestly think that there's no un-written rule for accepting rematches ... though ask yourself if you would if this was your favorite local chess club and you were face-to-face with this person : What would really deter you from accepting a rematch?
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    The whole etiquette thing of rematches and stuff is stupid, its your time, do what you want with it.

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