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How much is your beer?

  • 5 days ago · Quote · #201


    TheGrobe wrote:

    Whether I'm let in or not will be entirely up to my wife.

    in the current weather you got now, you don't stand a chance.

  • 5 days ago · Quote · #202


    There is a possibility that she'd rather watch me freeze to death than put up with my drunken snoring.

  • 4 days ago · Quote · #203


     I suppose drunkenly singing to sway her wouldn't work.

  • 4 days ago · Quote · #204


    It's worth a shot.

  • 4 days ago · Quote · #205


    On the other end of the spectrum there's beer from one of the local breweries going for $1/can around town right now -- not entirely lousy beer either:

    I'm not sure there's a cheaper beer on the market right now, not even the generic swill is quite this inexpensive.

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