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So ... Anyone else been to Vulcan ???

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    Steve212000 wrote:

    ...or being Kirks girl friend.

    --- Good point Steve212000. This magazine does have a list of 10 very good-looking ladies ( and photos ). The girls are from the Star Trek movies and all of the TV series as well. There is a picture of Kirk with the one and only Joan Collins ( from The City on the Edge of Forever ). 

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    Thanks for the photo Steve212000.

    Calgary Alberta had their Stampede Parade today and Captain Kirk was the parade marshal ( yep a Bill Shatner sighting  lol ).

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    Thanks for the post Steve212000.

    Getting back to the young ladies in TOS Kirk was not the only one to find romace among the stars. In " The Cloud Minders " episode a very cute young lady ( played by Diana Ewing ) is quite interested in Mister Spock. This is the episode that takes place in the city that is way up in the clouds. 

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    Thanks for the photo Steve212000. That is an episode that I like very much, mind you I liked most of the shows from TOS.

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    Thanks for the post Steve21200. That is quite a unusual item, a rotating Mister Spock cube, very nice.

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    Well we seem to have lost the guy who was leaving a lot of photos here. All of his posts were removed so he must have been a rather bad actor.

    On the good news side I just obtained a copy of a " CBS Watch " special magazine on the first Star Trek series. This publication includes a number of older black & white photos from the early days of Star Trek productions.

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    Yes, steve21200 closed his account.

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    CaptainPike wrote:

    Yes, steve21200 closed his account.

    Thanks for the info CaptainPike, yes all of his posts are gone too so I guess that he is not coming back.

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    Well here we are on Feb 27th of 2015 and we have lost our own " Dear Mister Spock " with the passing of Leonard Nimoy at age 83. When I signed onto Chess.com just a few minutes at 5:15 PM local time I was glad to see that several people had started threads to mark this sad event. I guess that I can just add one item for any Star Trek fans that may visit here " Live Long And Prosper ! "

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    There is a cute little item in the Dec 8th - 21st ( of 2014 ) issue of TV Guide that I wanted to mention as it involved Leonard Nimoy. It was in their flash-back section and is entitled: " Mr Spock Tangles With a Hooker ". It goes back to Dec of 1982 when William Shatner was doing the TJ Hooker TV series and Nimoy did a guest apperance on that Show. 

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    I just happened to come across my DVD of Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home. This film has Leonard Nimoy as Spock of course however he also directed this film and is listed as one of the writers as well. I will truly enjoy watching this movie again today ( " Captain there be whales here " ). 

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    Just wanted to mention that there is a nice video-clip of Nimoy visiting Vulcan ( the town in Alberta ) over on YouTube. He made a personal appearance at their Star Trek museum back in April of 2010. If one types in " Nimoy in Alberta " the clip will come up ( it runs 4 min 10 sec ). 

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    For those Star Trek fans who are looking for a collectors item Re Leonard Nimoy I see that CBS has put out a special 99 page magazine on his life.

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