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Magnus Carlsen among "Sexiest Men of 2013"

  • SonofPearl
  • on 4/11/13, 11:32 PM.

php8WdpRX.jpegMagnus Carlsen isn't just a phenomenon on the chess board, but increasingly so off it as well.

The UK edition of the women's magazine Cosmopolitan has published a list of the "Sexiest Men of 2013" and amongst the actors, singers and assorted other celebrities is the world's #1 ranked chess player!

Carlsen has done some modelling before for the Dutch designer clothing company G-Star Raw, and his profile in the general (non-chess) media continues to grow.

The magazine describes Carlsen as a "hottie", using the first studio shot below from Carlsen's official website as an illustration.

Is Carlsen's high media profile unambiguously good for chess, or is it a distraction? Also, is he really a hottie? Have your say in the comments! Smile





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  • 5 months ago


    I'm pretty sure that anybody would look "sexy" with the kind of help he receives.

  • 7 months ago


    He has serious cro-magnon looks.  Anyone who cant see there is some savant/retard thing going on here is odd.  Yes, best chess player in the world.  Great job.  But let's not get that confused w/ charisma or beauty.

  • 16 months ago


    his present age is 22.MengiseHaikam

  • 16 months ago



  • 17 months ago


    Nah!  He just refuses to get mated...

  • 18 months ago


    When they vote someone "The Sexiest man of ..." they obviously always just mean "successful". To me Carlsen looks slightly retarded and in interviews, or when commenting on a game he just played, he even comes across like a dufus. He never has anything insightful to say about the game he just finished, nor does it seem he even knew what was going on. I'm always disappointed when he speaks. That was particularly apparent in the recent Candidates tournament. Even the lady talking to the players after the game seemed to have caught on to that. She would address most questions to Carlsen's opponents, almost as if she knew that talking to Carlsen would never be met with an intelligent, interesting, or insightful response.

    Not sexy by any standard he.

  • 18 months ago



  • 18 months ago



    Carlen is definitely ugly, not even close to other in this list

  • 18 months ago


    zapatero a sus zapatos!Tongue Out

  • 18 months ago


    No1 in chess and sex appeal . :-)

  • 18 months ago


    honestly? he looks like he has downs syndrome.  great chess player though  Undecided

  • 18 months ago


    Does anyone knows the present age of M.Carlsen? No doubt, this is his first time a challenge to the world champion.

  • 18 months ago


    The top picture is from his time at Hogwarts.

    I guess that explains his wizard-like abilities.

  • 18 months ago



  • 18 months ago


    THis is really good for chess and yes he looks hot /stylish

  • 18 months ago


    No one since Fisher and Kasparov has anyone gained so much media attention (except Anand for India).. this is great for chess!

  • 18 months ago


    The way I see it, is Chess is played by many but appreciated by few, if his high profile can help people become more interested in the game, I'm for it! If it ends up with him becoming something like New England Patriots, Manchester United or Barcelona, there's no real gain for the game, but for himself.  

  • 18 months ago


    Whenever I see him, he always looks angry. He's got a snarl about his face...

  • 18 months ago


    haters r gonna hate potatoe are gonna potate

  • 18 months ago


    this kid is really ugly it should be called the famous list 

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