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Ware Opening

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  • 2 months ago



  • 7 months ago


    So leave prepare yourself for the bad rook opening?

  • 10 months ago



    No, he cannot.

    The game he won was a Blitz game. If it was a longer game, he'd have lost.

  • 10 months ago


    skyler_kelly, Carlsen can probably win a game with any opening. As for the rest of us...not so much.

  • 11 months ago


    I used to use this opening (before learning chess theory) fo an early attack using Rooks, but this is so slow Black can easily defend with a few development moves. D4 and castling Queenside allows Rooks more power, especially if you could trade the D-pawn for an E or C pawn. Also,  Black's dark-square Bishop is harder to kick from pinning knights.

  • 11 months ago


    What a newbie opening. Does anyone seriously use this?

    Anderssen is much better. Like Bishop_Hurricane said, the Anderssen opening offers protection against those annoying b4 bishops. Also, it offers an escape route for the king after he castles. Anderssen opening is superior in nearly every way.

  • 12 months ago


    White wins more than they lose so...

    it must be reasonable.

  • 12 months ago


    Carlsen won a game with this opening...

  • 13 months ago



  • 14 months ago


    wow thats pretty awful

  • 14 months ago


    This can be helpful in some situations. For example: setting up a staircase checkmate (king on f8, then white plays Rd7 or alike, trapping the king in, followed by Rc8# or alike). So, it can be helpful sometimes

  • 15 months ago


    When I see moves like this, I realize that my opponent is a novice.

  • 15 months ago


    every pawn move is a hole, that pawn could have been used at a3 to protect a night trying to fork, or a bishob trying to hurass the king which is what makes the andersson considerably better.

  • 17 months ago


    Play this every game loo

  • 20 months ago


    good morning

  • 20 months ago


    dont get it

  • 21 months ago


    Hello the opening is inferior like anderssen s opening there is a creepy crawly formation a3 followed by the odd h3

  • 21 months ago


    This looks weak to me, but maybe not

  • 21 months ago


    i use this opening often and it is helpful in certain situations.

  • 23 months ago


    Though its unorthodox sometimes It confuses people, but it is a very weak move in my opinion if you look at grandmaster's and master games Do you ever see this? The answer is No. Its very rare, but I can tell you what you will see is The siclian, the French Defense, Caro Khan, Spanish Game, these are some openings that are more popular and I feel that if the best chess players in the business don't play this there's probably a good reason for it.

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