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    my own puzzle

  • 23 months ago


    A well-delivered video your explanations are very clear and concise, easy to listen to and understand... makes going through the studies even more enjoyable!

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    Nice man

  • 2 years ago


    chessmaster19898- In the line you posted above: 3.Kf1 Rg8 4. Ke2 (not Rd1, which in your line isn't possible if the rook is on f2) 5.Rh8 Rf1 6.Rg8 Rd1 now does work.  Just a simple matter of patience, because black can do nothing to improve the coordination of pieces so white can just shuffle a bit and get an actual zugzwang

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    there is no sound

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  • 2 years ago


    Got the second one!

  • 2 years ago


    In the first problem you say that white can play Kf1 after Rf2 but I think this will give Black a chance to get back in the game with-1.h4 e5 2.Rf2 e4 3.Kf1...here black can play Rg8 and if Rd8 hoping for Rxd8 then Rf8+ and the tactic you showed does not work cause the rook is on f8.

  • 2 years ago


    Awesomeness!!  Although I knew the first two examples, the 3rd & 4th ones were really cool (as were the first two) and very instructive!  Thanks, Kostya!

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