Video Series On Beauty and Entertainment

Video Series On Beauty and Entertainment

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Sometimes one just needs a chess break — no endgames, opening theory, positional grinds, or problem-solving. Put up your feet, grab a cold one (lemonade anyone?), and prepare to be enthralled by this series on the beauty of chess. Your hosts GMs Roman Dzindzichashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn, IM Danny Rensch, and FM Kostya Kavutskiy have prepared a bevy of brilliancies. The criteria? There's just one. The chess has to be gorgeous!

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Beauty and Entertainment — Part 1 "Some positions just stick in my mind." GM Roman Dzindzichashvili shows you the positions he (and you) will never forget! (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 2 iIn part 1, Dzindzichashvili stuck to composed positions, here all of these beautiful positions are from actual real life, in-person games(All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 3 Wrapping up part 3, Dzindzichashvili focuses on refreshing paradoxes with striking, creative, out-of-the-box thinking. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 4 Our next host, GM Gregory Kaidanov focuses on the glories of chess composition with a problem claiming "divine" inspiration. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 5 While none of these studies aspire to divine origins, they are all guaranteed to please. Kaidanov muses on the many things that we can learn from studies. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 6 As a new series author, IM Danny Rensch, steps in, he explains how he initially resisted the magnificent pull of studies until he saw the relationship between studies and real-life chess skills. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 7 Rensch illustrates how studies can strengthen skills in calculation and visualization with some challenging, aesthetic problems. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 8 Rensch ties his discussion of the practicality of beauty together by showing one of his own games that he could have saved with the right dose of imagination. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 9 How about a series on endgames? The reduced pieces simply increase the clarity of these incredible ideas. Special attention is paid to some stunning king and pawn positions. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 10 FM Kostya Kavutskiy makes his video debut by pairing an intricate study and an astonishing move from his own play. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 11 Domination is one of the great themes of chess studies. Enjoy these true David vs. Goliath position in which tiny forces continually outmanoeuvre their more numerous foes. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 12 Continuing the theme of domination, Kavutskiy shows several positions from real games where astonishing zugzwangs were generated seemingly out of thin air. (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 13 How does one create a study, and what makes a study good? GM Eugene Perelshteyn answers these questions with a dissection of a beautiful composition of his very own! (All)

Beauty and Entertainment — Part 14 Perelshteyn finishes this series off with an amazing position from his time in the US Junior Championships. Watch as White's king aids in gorgeous checkmates while Black's many pawns race to promotion! (All)

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