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  • 5 weeks ago


    I swear I saw the tactics puzzle Danny got wrong at 26:00 right away and I have a tactics rating to 2000+ to back it up.

  • 4 months ago


    "Join my Danily"


  • 4 months ago


    Thank you for sharing your experiences with TT, Danny.   It's encouraging for me as an advanced beginner in many ways--noting how quickly you spot and evaluate patterns and also how you also encounter some which stump you.  

  • 5 months ago


    Rensch - Thanks for all your videos - always fun and informative!

  • 6 months ago


    Danny said something about Black having a perpetual.

    What about ...Ra1#?

  • 7 months ago


    Thank you Danny! Great vids!

  • 7 months ago


    Danny, very entertaining and helpful.  I just started Chess.com, so to see masters go through the thought process and sometimes getting it wrong makes me feel so much better. I will be looking at all your other videos.  Thanks.

  • 8 months ago


    i will pray for you danny!!!For sure,with a big cup of honey badger cupTongue Out

  • 9 months ago


    Vvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy interesting.Wink

  • 9 months ago

    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks everyone.

  • 9 months ago



  • 10 months ago


    Wonderful diatribe about praying and the dog. The perfect marriage of instruction and entertainement.

  • 11 months ago


    I really enjoy this series.

    (I was staring at the screen asking myself how you were not seeing the second one you missed Smile)

  • 11 months ago



    Finally a sensible response to "I'll pray for you." 

  • 12 months ago


    it was great danny

  • 12 months ago


    I died laughing when the annoying dog sent you into a hilarious rant about those "pray for you" people,

    "if you got a list sure, dont make it a hassle for yourself" i had a seisure

  • 13 months ago


    Another great video. I liked your comments about calculation, but I'm not yet at the point where I stop calculating "because I've reached a conclusion". I stop because I can't visualise the board - so my next stop? Your visualisation series!

    Thanks Danny

  • 13 months ago


    Something I don't like about those tactics trainings is that you KNOW that there's always something going on. For example the Nf3 move that you play, you don't play it because you think it's the best move, you play it because you acknoledge that it's the only move possibly leading to a quick win. You wouldn't have played it in a game without seeing the whole line.

    The tactics trainer needs a percentage of problems, maybe only above 1800 let's say, for which there is actually no tactics involved. There is no tactics, and the move to play is a strategic one. Or you should be able to click the button "no tactics here tricky Danny" ! To teach real life chess.

  • 13 months ago


    I really enjoyed the video, thanks DannyCool

  • 13 months ago


    I think endgame puzzles are just harder. endgame positions are much more complex than most people realize (or perhaps want to realize). john nunn's books I rest my case.

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