Accelerated Dragon

Accelerated Dragon

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The Accelerated Dragon may be a more positional style than other forms of the Sicilian, but it's equally effective against White. In this series, GM Melik Khachiyan offers a deeper insight into this popular opening for Black. 

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Accelerated Dragon: The Maroczy Bind 1! Today Grandmaster Khachiyan starts a new series on another "weapon" of his as black against 1.e4. The series is designed for advanced players who wish to master the Accelerated Dragon. He starts with the most positional variation, the Maroczy Bind, and he reviews the game Shirov-Tiviakov 2007 to highlight black's critical, and yet very modern ideas. 

Accelerated Dragon: The Maroczy Bind 2! Today Melik reviews another game from our "Accelerated Hero", only this time, our hero falls short... In the game Short-Tiviakov, 1998—GM Tiviakov chooses a slightly mediocre plan to find himself on the wrong side of a squeeze position. Learn from Sergey's mistakes, and remember to control the critical dark-squares and find "tricky" moves like Qb4 at the right time, and you will be fine! 

Accelerated Dragon: The Maroczy Bind 3! Today Melik transitions into more of the "main lines" of the Maroczy Bind, highlighting black's approach if white keeps the Knight on d4 (instead of the c2 retreat we saw in Parts 1 and 2). He again reviews a game by our "Accelerated Dragon Hero"—Grandmaster Sergey Tiviakov. Here Tiviakov achieves a good position with ease against GM Ivanchuk. Enjoy! 

Accelerated Dragon: The Maroczy Bind 4! In today's installment we see good reason for black not to play the "old development" of the c8-bishop to e6. Against a well prepared, modern day player (like Grandmaster Vitali Golod in this game) black will find himself under enormous pressure when white rushes the f-pawn forward. GM Melik Khachiyan is our guide once again. Take another step towards completing your black repertoire today! 

Accelerated Dragon: The Maroczy Bind 5! In today's video, GM Khachiyan provides a module game from black's point of view, displaying clearly all of black's long term positional goals (mainly, controlling the dark-squares) in the Accelerated Dragon Maroczy Bind structure. The classic game under review is Gligoric-Larsen, 1957—and it does not disappoint! Ultimately the game ends in a perpetual check, but the instructive ideas shown along the way are worth taking note of from both white's and black's perspective.

Accelerated Dragon 6: Practical Game Vs IM Peters Today Melik makes the initial transition away from the Maroczy Bind structure with his first video on the "Old Main Line" of the Accelerated Dragon. He reviews black's "best option" against the threat of the Yugoslav Attack (8...a5), and he displays black's critical ideas by going over one of his own games against International Master Jack Peters.

Accelerated Dragon 7: Kasparov Vs Ivanchuk Are you ready for some fireworks? In today's video lecture, Ivanchuk puts on a display of creativity and brilliance against former World Champion Garry Kasparov! When Chucky plays a novelty early on in a well known, sharp variation of the Accelerated (Hybrid) Dragon, he changes the opinion of the entire variation, nearly taking down one of the greatest of all time in the process! GM Khachiyan leads the way once again in his Accelerated Dragon video series.

Accelerated Dragon 8: The Hybrid Dragon Today GM Khachiyan reveals yet even more "Dragon Secrets" when he reviews the game Bruzon-Malakhov from the year 2000. He highlights white's best approach against the slightly dubious choice to develop with 3...Bg7 instead of capturing on d4 in the Accelerated (Hybrid) Dragon. The variations are sharp, but white's advantage is always clear... as our Melik's wonderful explanations of what to look for in this line!

Accelerated Dragon 9: Perelshteyn's Pet! As Melik nears the close of his ten part video series on the Accelerated Dragon, he draws our attention to one of the more exciting, "lesser known" variations of the Hybrid Accelerated Dragon. Today he reviews an exciting game by one of our regular featured authors (GM Perelshteyn) and highlights the importance of being well prepared in such sharp positions. He recommends we all "listen to Eugene's play" when it comes to this line...

Accelerated Dragon 10: The Final Chapter! In the final installment to this series, GM Khachiyan gives his recommendation for how black should deal with the obscure bishop to b5 development against the Hybrid Accelerated Dragon. He then provides a general summary of why, and what type of players should look to add the Accelerated Dragon to their repertoire. Of course, the final game reviewed is one from the best Accelerated Dragon player in the country: Fellow video author GM Perelshteyn! 

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