An insight on : the humble pawn

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The weakest of pieces. However, there are eight of them, so if used efficiently and wisely, a pawn structure can block even the best of strategies. Also, the pawn can work with another piece to take down the enemy. As there are eight pawns, there are plenty, hence you can improve your position or destroy your enemy's by sacrificing a pawn, which explains its name.

Pawns are like mini- bishops, only they can move forward. If you create a triangle structure, the enemy's Bishop ( one of them ) turns bad as the lane is threatened all the way. Also, the pawn can serve as a blockage between two pieces, disabling capture of the pawn.

The pawn can also move two steps ahead at the start, giving it an immediate boost to the front lines. The pawn is also a good forker          ( normally at the start at the game).

It is advisable to save the pawns for the last. This is to enable promotion (very important and effective, especially in endgames). Just imagine: three pawns, if they reach the eight rank, can be promoted into three Queens....that's why the pawn is not to be underestimated. Just look at Gonnosuke( a player ), he has so many " pawn magician" trophies.


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 P.S. When I've finished the insights of all pieces, I'l gather all of the information and throw them all into one. Feel free to add your comment.....if it's good, I might add it into the article!



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