The Vicious Bishop

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When two Bishops are invading the enemy territory, a good hand will ensure the enemy pieces go one by one. The Bishop is adept at cleaning lone pieces and are best at faraway attacks ( open spaces ), unlike the Knight.

Bishops are on the squares of a specific colour only for the whole game, which leaves it quite useless in the endgame if all the enemy's pieces are on the squares of the opposite colour. It is recommended therefore that if you are to choose between two Bishops to lose, save the one that can check the King or the one which can attack the most enemy pieces       ( the colour of the square the enemy is on).

Also, be sure to not have your Bishop too close to enemy pawns. Pawns are mini-Bishops, and one Bishop is no match for three mini-Bishops huddled together ( even in endgames ). And avoid making your Bishops bad.

Bishops are excellent in the art of pinning and skewering, average in forks.

The nearer Bishops are to the center, the more squares it controls.

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