Attacking with f4

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This article is about playing f4 as white in different parts of a game like Bird Opening,King's Gambit,Bishop's Game,Sicilian.

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When white's first move is f4 then it's called the Bird's opening.The variation below is like a reversed dutch defense:

















White can also play a reversed Leningrad-like defense:

















White may also adopt the Stonewall defense,but in some cases it's not good for white:















White can properly defend e4 if black delays the development of his kingside knight:















Bird-Larsen opening:black fianchettoes his Qside bishop:

















Here are some example games to show more variations on the Bird:





























































Even Fischer tried the Bird with success:


















And here comes the King's Gambit.It's an offensive opening that can surprise black but may also be the doom of white if not played correctly.White has to be careful because he discovers his boss on move 2.

King's Knight Gambit:














Kieseritzky Gambit,Berlin Defence:














An example:
































Muzio Gambit(weird one),Sarrat Defence:


















Muzio Gambit,The Side Variation:

















Falkbeer Countergambit:

















Fischer Defence:
















Cunningham Gambit(it can be really cunning):


















And there is a line called the Bishop's Attack, Bishop's Game or Bishop's Opening (just like in the King's Pawn Game) that may be unknown for some.It resembles the King's Gambit ,the difference is that the f4 pawn push is delayed because white wants to develop his pieces first to make the f4 advance and the position of his king safer.It's an aggressive attack on the kingside:

















This can happen in the King's Gambit as well:
















f4 in the sicilian:

















Better game for white:


















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Bird-Larsen by TigerLilov:

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