English opening for beginners

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The English looks like this: white goes for d5 but not with the usual e4,he goes 1.c4 while still keeping his central pawns ready to advance.The other advantage is that he doesn't block his c2 pawn after Nc3.

This is how it looks like,white's second move is usually 2.Nc3 having double control over b5 and d5:















1...e5 is a strong move for black immediately challenging for the center but he can also choose g6 for preparing a fianchetto for a hypermodern line or the KID(king's indian defense):


















Sometimes black will attack your knight with 2...Bb4.If black decides to exchange then he will lose control over the black squares but white will have a ruined pawn formation with doubled pawns on c2 and c3:

















Let's see how the book line looks like:
















Reti variation:
















I will show you a gambit played frequently by Tony Miles on an example game between Kasparov and Beliavsky:

















Staunton system for white:

White delays the attack of the center but the delayed attack can be very effective:
















An example game:
















Queen's side attack:white's pieces are arranged similarly to the queen's gambit declined:

















The Botvinnik system for white:

White creates a permanent weakness on d4(a backward pawn on d3) but tries to dominate the center.White's plan is to attack through b2-b4 or f2-f3.The system was invented by Mikhail Botvinnik and Aron Nimzovitch.



















The Maroczy Bind:

This theme can appear in the English and the Sicilian as well.White has a strong control over d5 with his c4 and e4 pawns while the d-pawn is usually exchanged.Black usually has difficulties challenging d5:















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