Sicilian Defence for beginners

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Here are the basic ideas behind the Sicilian and some variations.Pls don't hesitate to post anything regarding this opening.

Both players rush for the center,white has d5 and f5,while black has d4 and b4.Usually white has initiative early in the game.











The most popular continuation is 2.Nf3 ,taking control of the e5 square,black can counter with 2...Nc6 or support his c-pawn with 2...d6:

White can continue with a strong 3.d4













This leads to a pawn-exchange in both 2...d6 and 2...Nf6:















The Maroczy Bind:

This position may easily happen in the Sicilian and the English as well:














3.c4 e5 is also playable,but...

4.Nc3 Nd4 can be a good move for black















The Najdorf variation:

The role of 5...a6 is to prevent the knights from getting to b5.The classical variation is 5...Nc6.

Blacks problem is that his f8 bishop is passive.

White can easily continue with 6.Be2 for castling.




More on the Najdorf:




The Scheveningen variation:


5...e6 is played to prevent the knight from jumping to d5,if 5...e5 then the knight could have dominated d5 ,if 6...Nxd5,then 7.exd5 with a passed pawn for white which can be easily supported via c4 at any moment.









The sicilian dragon:


With this variation black wants to strenghten his kingside with a fianchetto then to castle.












More info on the dragon:

Another frequent move by white is 2.Bc4 :















Or it may happen like this:
















Here is an older variation for countering the sicilian:















The Svesnikov variation:


This can easily be transposed to the four knights game.













The Chelyabinsk Variation:
















The Kalashnikov Variation:














Lowenthal Variation:
















Taimanov Variation:















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