Chess Visualized: 8 Amazing Videos Every Player Will Enjoy

Chess Visualized: 8 Amazing Videos Every Player Will Enjoy

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We all love to watch a good video! We don't always have the time to read a great article, but we are always ready to carve out some minutes of our day for a great video. Over the years, has put out fantastic chess-related videos. From Elo comparisons to mind-boggling social media numbers, we have an excellent video ready for you to enjoy.

Here's a list of some of our best chess-related videos:

The Best Chess Players Over Time

The eternal discussion of who the best players in chess history are will never cease to exist. It's impossible to compare players of different periods, so it's hard to find an objective answer. After all, who's to say how great Paul Morphy would've been if he had today's tools (and distractions) at his disposal?

This video looks at players' estimated Elo based on the precision of their moves alone to bring (at least some) objectivity to the debate.

The Strongest Computer Chess Engines Over Time

Now that you're acquainted with the best players in history, it's time to get baffled by the really strong chess players—the engines. If you think GMs Bobby Fischer and Magnus Carlsen's ratings were outrageous, you won't believe how absurdly good these engines are.

Amazingly, as good as these engines are, sometimes they still have trouble understanding some positions as well as humans do. Check out this article by NM Sam Copeland about when chess engines go wrong!

Countries With The Most Chess Grandmasters

Grandmasters are a rare kind among chess players. Only a tiny percentage of people can climb up the ranks and achieve the most prestigious chess title.

This video shows the evolution of the number of grandmasters per country since FIDE created the title. You can also read about it in this article.

MISHRA BREAKS RECORD: Youngest Chess Grandmasters Of All Time

Yes, becoming a grandmaster is an impressive feat on its own. However, that seems not to be enough for some people. A few "lucky" (actually, hard-working) prodigies not only earn the hardest and most prestigious title in chess but also do it way before they finish high school. Watch the video below (or read this article) and marvel at these young stars' impressive achievements.

The Top YouTube Chess Channels

Speaking of videos, aren't you curious to know who the most successful video creators are? In this video we've compiled the data showing the evolution of the best chess channels on YouTube. Sit back and watch the bars growing exponentially as chess became more and more popular online.

The Top Twitch Chess Channels

If you're more of a fan of being part of the action and watching your favorite chess creators live, we also have a video for you. In the video below, you can see the evolution of chess channels on Twitch.

The Top Chess Twitter Accounts

And now that you are familiar with the biggest channels on YouTube and Twitch, only one question remains: who can gather the most followers using just the written word? More specifically, who can do it using only 280 characters or less? The video below answers that question as it shows the biggest Twitter accounts over time.

What Is The Longest Possible Game Of Chess?

We know this is not a video, but it's way too interesting to leave out of this list. Do you know how many moves the longest possible game of chess has? If you're curious and want to know the answer, check out this great video by @BradenLaughlin.

What was your favorite chess video? Do you have any idea of a great chess video you'd like to see? Let us know in the comment section below!

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