Evaluation and Planning

Evaluation and Planning

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Whether you’re trying to reach expert strength or a you're a beginner starting out, you will need a sound understanding of forming plans. Join GM Melikset Khachiyan in this video series as he explains the seven elements of assessing a position and developing an ambitious strategy. In this video series, Khachiyan shows you thirteen masterpiece of positional planning. He starts by breaking down the initial position, developing a clear plan, and showing how these masters of positional play executed on the plan. Why not start your journey towards positional mastery today?!

Our host, Khachiyan has tasted success at every level of chess. Along the way, he’s learned from many amazing players and teachers. Khachiyan is now himself a prestigious instructor that has lead his own pupils to a variety of championships.

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Evaluation and Planning! — Part 1 Our first lesson introduces Khachiyan’s seven elements of assessment. Khachiyan shows you how World Champion Alekhine used this type of thinking to score a critical victory against the great Capablanca. (Beginner)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 2 Reviewing one of his own games against FM Michael Aigner, Khachiyan shows you how to fight for critical squares and lines so that your pieces may prosper. (Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 3 Let's step back in time again as we review another of Alekhine's masterful games in which he develops a clear plan of piece improvement and doggedly executes. (Beginner to Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 4 Positional play doesn't mean slow play. If the position calls for it, you must be vigorous. Enjoy this game from World Champion Smyslov as he identifies his dynamic advantages and rips open the position to realize those advantages. (Beginner to Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 5 Khachiyan presents a junior masterpiece as one of his youngest students properly punishes an incorrect plan — a flank attack — with a counter in the center. (Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 6 It's another junior masterpiece as FM Haik Martirosyan earned a GM norm by outplaying a GM with clean planning and understanding. (Beginner to Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 7 How about a high-stakes master plan as GM Andrei Volokitin shows how to assault the White king after a stunning king walk. (Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 8 Against many times US Champion, GM Walter Browne, Khachiyan demonstrates how to exploit the pros of doubled pawns with great piece activity. (Beginner to Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 9 It's critical to properly exploit open lines, Khachiyan does so while mastering several different transformations of his advantage. (Beginner to Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 10 It's a three-phase game as the great Efim Geller punishes an incorrect plan across the opening, middlegame, and endgame. (Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 11 In a topical US Championship game, GM Alexander Onischuk grinds out a gorgeous win against GM Sam Shankland with complete domination of an open c-file. (Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 12 In another masterpiece from the US Championships, GM Alejandro Ramirez determinedly exploits the weaknesses in popular author GM Mackenzie Molner's position. (Intermediate)

Evaluation and Planning! — Part 13 In his concluding video, Khachiyan explains one of the great mysteries that baffle so many chess players — how to exploit trades. Young GM Ivan Saric demonstrates the technique against the top GM Ian Nepomniatchchi. (Intermediate to Advanced)

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