How Can I Get Fans On

How Can I Get Fans On

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My mother used to tell me that being embarrassed is just realizing that other people like you more in that moment than you like yourself. Yep. She was nuts

Her crazy ideas aside  we can all admit it's nice to be loved and appreciated by others. But for those of us not named "Magnus Carlsen" or "Hikaru Nakamura", the question is how can we get the love? More importantly, how can help you get some love, grow your brand, increase your following and get more "chess fans"?

We are here to help! As the popularity of the chess world and its celebrities grow, so does the global culture, and with it, more people play chess. We want to help anyone and everyone interested in entertaining and bringing joy to people through chess do it right here on 

4 tips on growing a "fanbase" for yourself within the chess community:

1. Be yourself, have fun and don't be afraid to stand out:

That piece of advice coming from the guy who did this:

And this:

notwithstanding  yes, sometimes people wonder why I can't just "be like other chess coaches" and stick to the boring *cough* I mean, old school path. Sure, there are lots of other ways to teach chess and help people enjoy the game, but I try to do things my way. And if you aren't offending at least a few people with what you do, you probably aren't doing anything that matters.

Just saying. So get out there and have some fun with chess! 

2. Host FREE "group" events:

Did you say FREE?  Yes! This isn't an article about getting more paid students. That's here!

This is about earning love and getting more fans! You get what you give, and there are so many "lessons seekers" out there that marketing to one at a time and asking them to pay you for lessons may not always be the best use of your time. Ironically, you might gain more fans (and more paying students) by hosting fun, once a month (even quarterly) events that online chess enthusiasts really enjoy.  

The two most popular events (from the feedback we've gotten) are Simuls and Group Classes. Let the community know (via a Club, Forums, Blog, etc) that you'll be doing an event, set your live chess settings for "Multiple Game Play", offer a piece of advice to your opponent about how the game went after each game finishes, and you're done!


Announce your events on Twitter or elsewhere in advance and observe the attention to what you're doing on the chess web be higher than ever.


(fun fact - did you know you can now gain followers on for your activity?)

3. Start a Twitch.TV channel and stream:

Who would have thought a bunch of dudes, drinking beers, half-naked, showing off their muscles while dancing to weird techno music could become so popular?

Just kidding Brahs (love you guys ). But seriously, right? You are interesting. You are original. Because you are you. And there are others like you (or who will like you). Of course Twitch.TV is what we (and the Brahs) recommend for streaming, with YouTube as a great additional home to export show recaps and highlights!

No, you don't have to be a chess master to stream and you don't have have to have a ton of experience. In fact, you don't have to be a chess master to stream on either! Click here to apply!

Personally, I think the *niche* offering that's missing is more amateurs, who don't know enough about what they're doing, playing and streaming their chess games, sharing their thoughts live, learning and growing along with other people looking to improve!

4. Give value and engage the community:

"Everybody wanna be #1, nobody wanna do the work." - some rapper and/or athlete.

Too often people wanna scream "show me the money" before giving something worth buying. Don't be one of those people! Whether you engage the global chess community on Reddit (lots of questions, not enough answers), get active in our forums (post a daily chess tip?) or maintain a regular blog, you'll be marketing yourself by offering something without asking for anything in return. 

Slip in that you offer lessons and a decent rate at the end of your blogs and you're golden! 


How am I supposed to end this article? By telling you to believe in yourself, that there are no limits on love in the universe, and that if you build it they will come? That's all likely true, even if the law of attraction is total BS  

Positive thinking never hurt anyone! You can do it!

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