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How Can Help You?‎

IM DanielRensch
11 | Help has always offered a great platform to recruit new students and provide online (live) lessons, but are you - as a titled player or professional chess coach - fully aware of all the tools and opportunities available to you? We hope this article can help you learn more about making work for you!


Becoming a listed coach adds instant credibility for you among our "lesson seeking" members. Read this article to explore IM Danny Rensch's tips and strategies for gaining new students on the web, or skip that, and go right here to fill out your application today!


Connect with students today by applying at

Online chess teachers have never been more in demand, and they've never had more tools at their finger tips than they do now on, from being super easy to find for students, to easily opening student games into live analysis boards, and having convenient exercises like tactics trainer, lessons, and drills for your students. For more how to teach on, read here.


One of the hottest new features available on is our streamers page. Do you think you have what it takes to entertain the masses and maybe even become a "ChessTV Partner"? If we choose you as a partner streamer, we will sometimes host your stream on, which will drive new viewers to your personal channel. Check out IM Danny Rensch's tips for streaming and building a fan base, or, if you're that confident, go and sign up.


Here's what the "Ginger GM," Simon Williams, had to say:

"One of the reasons that I love working with is the fact that they actively promote not just their own work but the people who work with them. When I stream on their channel through my personal stream, my audience is greatly increased. This gives me a much bigger audience and better money returns. care for and support the people that work with them."

Bloggers has a lot of users and many of them have great things to share and teach! IM Danny Rensch has shared his opinions on how best to use our blogs and forums to your advantage, and you should know that we give great attention to the blogs featured first at, only awarding the "top blogger" status to those who deserve it.


The exposure of being on our top blogger's page allows people to follow all your work with a single click. You can submit an application by following these steps.


Looking for more ways to benefit as a partner of's growth? Our affiliate program is quite simple! Whenever you send someone to, we will track them, and if they ever purchase a premium membership, you get paid a commission. Become an affiliate today and start making money without working.

Excited about these opportunities? Your titled friends probably would be too! Share this article with friends on as well as through social media, and they'll be thanking you later.

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