Move by Move Chess Improvement: Cashing in on your Advantages

Move by Move Chess Improvement: Cashing in on your Advantages

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This is the second issue of my column Move by Move Chess Improvement. I would like to thank JeewanAtwal for submitting his game.

A lot of players would without thinking play ...h6 to drive away the bishop. Unfortunately, "instant" moves like these can be careless, let's see why:

Continuing on with the game:

This is a one-mover: What to do about the g5 bishop?

Now continuing with the game:

White has a nice small but stable advantage and Black needs counterplay now. How should Black play?

Black failed to find this resource and instead allowed himself to enter a passive position:
And now we pause to think, how should White play here? This is not given as a puzzle but instead only as a position to think about.

Now let's see how the game turned out:

Crush Black

White missed this tactic and thereafter the position was still a bit complicated:

White has a clear advantage, but we need to come up with a plan. This is also not a puzzle, but try to come up with the right plan and compare it with the correct continuation below:

White missed this idea and the game quickly fizzled out to a draw:

What can we learn from this game? (I'll keep it short!)

When facing unorthodox openings, just play logical moves and more importantly, start thinking!

Once you gain the advantage, you must play accurately to cash in on the win. If you miss your chance, you may never get another chance!

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