New Mastery Course: Games That Changed Chess History
"Games That Changed Chess History" released!

New Mastery Course: Games That Changed Chess History‎

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This month we released Games That Changed Chess History by IM Anna Rudolf. Rudolf is always a dedicated and vibrant presenter, and in this series, she breaks down ten important games which impacted the course of chess. It's a great introduction to some spectacular games and a valuable overview of chess.

Games That Changed Chess History, IM Anna Rudolf

Course Outline

This course features ten distinct lessons covering hundreds of years of chess history. While the course presents a satisfying narrative when completed sequentially, users can complete lessons in any order they choose.

A Favorite Puzzle

Every lesson features both a video and five challenge questions to help you test yourself on how well you retained some of of the core points and positions in the video. Test yourself with one of our favorite challenges from this course. Can you play better than Tarrasch did against a young Nimzowitsch?

Other Recent Courses Released

Every week, we are releasing multiple new lessons in, and we want to make sure interested users know of some of the great new content coming out. For those who haven't tried lessons yet, they are interactive learning content featuring both short videos and challenging questions on a wide variety of topics from openings to endgames, tactics and strategy, master games, and much more!

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