Shamkir 2014

Shamkir 2014

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Shamkir 2014 brought tons of excitement to the chess community, including the first loss for our World Champion in almost a year. Watch as GMs Yermolinsky and Shabalov bring you more incredible analysis form the best rounds. 

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Shamkir 2014: Round 4: Complete Show: Part 1 The action is heating up in Shamkir. Magnus Carlsen sits on 2.5/3 and has a full point lead going in to round four. Can he increase his distance on the Elo 2780 field?

Shamkir 2014: Round 4: Complete Show: Part 2 GMs Yermolinsky and Shabalov enter their own "middle game" as they attempt to understand how Carlsen's Berlin Wall got devastated. Watch and see it crumble!

Shamkir 2014: Round 4: Complete Show: Part 3 After more than nine months without a loss in classical chess, it finally happened—watch GM Fabiano Caruana continue his impressive head-to-head record against World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen.
Shamkir 2014: Round 4: Highlights Watch the critical moment of the World Champion's first loss in classical chess in nearly one year. The dragon slayer, GM Fabiano Caruana, was also the last to beat him. GMs Yermolinsky and Shabalov (making his debut!) try to understand why Magnus Carlsen could just allow a basic tactic. At first, Shabalov thinks the position must be wrong! Watch and see the Berlin Wall finally fall and the explanations offered for it.

Shamkir Round 10: Complete Show: Part 1 Some pundits think GM Fabiano Caruana is the man who will give GM Magnus Carlsen a serious challenge to the World Championship some day. Before he gets that chance, he faces him in the final round of a tournament, with first place on the line. Can Caruana beat Carlsen for the second time in the same event?

Shamkir Round 10: Complete Show: Part 2 GM Bojkov and GM Williams take you through the three middlegames of the inaugural Gashimov Memorial. Watch and see if the players made the fallen master proud with some inventive, attacking chess.

Shamkir Round 10: Complete Show: Part 3 The exciting climax to the final round in Shamkir! Carlsen's queenside pawns look menacing—can Caruana create any counterplay and find a way to finish first place?

Shamkir 2014: Round 10: Highlights Our twin towers—GMs Williams and Bojkov—focus mostly on Carlsen-Caruana in the final round of the Gashimov Memorial. It's not often that the two leaders happen to clash at the end of a round robin, but the pairings worked out in just such a way this week. Caruana seems to be the only one with Carlsen mojo. Can he make it 2-0 in this tournament against the World Champ? Watch and see the "four exclam" and "caveman chess" that transpired!

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