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    deathbychess and tookelso: I think many people disliked Karpov because he seemed the Soviet government's favored player, someone who implicitly supported the communist regime, unlike Korchnoi and Kasparov. The premature end to the 1984 world championship seemed rigged in his favor, too.

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    I think there's plenty of respect for Karpov, but I might be confusing videos from to those of St. Louis Chess club.  I think Ben Finegold has plenty of appreciation for Karpov -- at least in this video:


    If I understand the history of chess correctly, I think that there was a dispute between Kasparov and FIDE, and during that time, Karpov was the FIDE champion.

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    This isn't highlights!

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    Thanks for the video.Laughing

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    go to twitch TV U can watch it.

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    What I don not understand is why is Karpov so unappreciated, almost disliked in the chess community. He played similar to Carlsen before the age of computers and one can learn much from his games. Even on this site there is few of his very instructional games. Hope that will change.

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    Fun. I wish I could have watched this live. Thanks for the video.

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