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The Best Place To Play Chess Online

The Best Place To Play Chess Online

Are you looking for somewhere to enjoy a nice game of chess? Maybe you’ve asked yourself: What is the best place to play chess online?

Chess.com is the best place to play chess online. Our live server has all the features you could ever want:

1. The Most Players

Chess.com has by far the most chess players online at any moment. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced club player, or a grandmaster, you will find games quickly and easily with well-matched opponents.


2. The Best Online Interface

Chess.com has a beautiful, sleek, modern interface for chess. It's got everything you need and nothing you don't. Play a friend or open a challenge. Chat with your friends and your competitors. Follow the top players. Review your games in an analysis board. The options are endless!

Want to tailor your playing experience? Chess.com offers unlimited themes and lots of customization of your chess playing interface.


3. Many Time Controls And Variants

Chess.com lets you play chess your way by offering time controls from 10 seconds per game to many days! There is always time to play a game on Chess.com.

Chess.com also supports popular variants like Chess960, Bughouse, 3-Check, and King of the Hill.


4. Tournaments

Want to raise the stakes? Try a tournament! Our free tournaments allow you to pit your skills against a field of players, battling to emerge atop the leaderboard. With tournaments of different forms and time controls starting every few minutes, there is always a place to compete.


5. Focus Mode

Don't want any distractions while you play? Use our popular Focus Mode to get down to what matters: you, your opponent, a board, and a clock. Simply press "Z" to enter Focus Mode in your game.


6. Best Fair Play System

There's nothing worse than that curious sensation that your opponent isn't quite human. Chess.com has a team of professionals dedicated to making sure that no players are using any outside help.

Our fair play system also penalizes players who walk away from games, stall, or engage in other annoying behaviors. We are dedicated to making sure that all players enjoy a fun, fair game.

If you’re ready to start playing chess online, sign up at Chess.com!

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