The Pirc Defense

The Pirc Defense

| 7 | Opening Theory

The Pirc Defense is still relatively unexplored for a major opening system. Both White and Black may avail themselves of many different approaches to the opening, and we have two outstanding grandmasters here to provide you with ideas on both sides of the Pirc. First, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili presents his suggestion for the White side of the Pirc, showing you an easy system to learn and play that offers promising chances. Next, GM Mackenzie Molner dives into the Black side to provide you with all of the critical ideas and variations that he has used in a long career defending the Pirc.

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The Pirc Defense - Part 1: Roman's System for White! Tired of tackling booked up opponents in the Pirc Defense? Try Roman's simple 5. h3 system; Black may struggle to develop the c8 bishop and give you an easy game! (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 2: Take Away Counterplay! What if Black doesn't pick up the gauntlet after 5. h3? Roman shows you how to build powerful attacks against many of Black's more passive tries. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 3: The Classical 4. Nf3 and Be2! Mac picks up this series from the Black side and shows you how to tackle the Classical System, illustrating many of Black's thematic ideas.  (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 4: Playing Against Roman's System! Now that you understand Black's basic ideas, Mac is ready to show you how to tackle Dzindzi's system; Mac believes Black can battle for equality. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 5: The 4. Bc4 Variation 4. Bc4 is one of White's most popular and aggressive choices; you must be ready to go toe to toe with White in this line! (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 6: Facing 4.g3! This video focuses on black's best approach against the g3-Systems, highlighting the importance of remaining flexible with your e5 and c5 breaks, and to, once again, look to use the b4-square! (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 7: The Austrian Attack! The Austrian Attack is White's attempt to lay claim to the whole board. Black must counter quickly, and Mac shows you the critical variations. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 8: The Austrian Attack 2! Prepare to be entertained as Mac dives into the most tactical lines in the Austrian; Mac gives you all the ideas you'll need to play the next Austrian brilliancy! (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 9: Be3 Even world champion Kramnik has been known to play the Pirc when needing a win; see how he calmly exploits mistakes from the White side. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Pirc Defense - Part 10: Bg5! The Bg5 systems are some of White's most trendy and dangerous options. Mac shows you how to walk the tightrope and get good counterplay. (Intermediate to Advanced)

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