The Schliemann Gambit

The Schliemann Gambit

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The Schliemann (AKA Jaenisch) Gambit is one of Black's most aggressive responses to the time-tested Ruy Lopez. Some say the Schliemann is unsound, but GM Melikset Khachiyan (Melik) believes the Schliemann is better than its reputation. In this series, Melik provides you with all of the essential theory, concepts, and examples you need to master this opening and take the fight to White! 

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The Schliemann Gambit - Part 1: Introduction! Melik kicks things off with an educational bang, demonstrating key theoretical positions and crushing brilliancies designed to give the viewer a sense of the style and flavor of the Schliemann. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 2: Dealing with Prep! IM Jack Peters springs an opening surprise on Melik but can't bring home the coveted GM scalp. Melik shows you how he exploited the thematic open files and diagonals available to Black in the Schliemann. (Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 3: Bonus Review! Melik teaches you how to combat the modern main line (4.Nc3) of the Schliemann with 5...Nf6 when Black offers a pawn for compensation in the form of a dynamic bishop pair. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 4: vs GM Chirila! 4.d3 is White's patient, positional alternative to 4.Nc3. Melik shows you how he won USCL Game of the Week honors in this line by exploiting the thematic open g file to attack. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 5: Chucky's Example! Melik isn't the only great player to win brilliant games with the Schliemann Gambit; see the Schliemann succeed at the highest levels in the game Anand vs. Ivanchuk. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 6: New White Weapon! No opening is perfect, and even Melik takes his lumps from time to time. Here Melik shows you a new line introduced by GM Joel Benjamin and what he learned from this difficult loss. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 7: Final Review! In a summation, Melik emphasizes the key "refutations" that every Schliemann player should know how to counter. (Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 8: My Schliemann Gambit Revisiting his favorite opening, Melik shows you two new games he played in the same day against two former US champions. (Intermediate to Advanced)

The Schliemann Gambit - Part 9: Back to the Schliemann! Keeping the viewer up to date, Melik shows you a comfortable draw he achieved in a pawn down endgame against GM Quesada. Such endgames are common in the Schliemann, but they hold little danger for the well-prepared player. (Intermediate to Advanced)

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