| 6 | Strategy

here are some tips to improve an be a better sport in chess:

  1.  Control the center
  2.  Think of your opponent's move
  3.  Plan every move.
  4. Keep your king side defensive
  5. Keep the other side offensive
  6. Use most of your pieces...
  7. Use the Queen, King. İn the end of the game.
  8. the more you attack the more you get attack
  9. DO NOT move without thinking even if your winning because you might fall for STALEMATE!
  10. don't send 1 piece to attack. Use the half of the pieces. Don't put your pieces alone esspically your pawn.
  11. Every time you loose, take your move(s) as don't do it again!
  12. don't be stressful
  13. be a good sport.
  14. be happy.
  15. don't think of the past move(s) think of the move you will make and think...quickly.
  16. Have Fun!

this is a very good example for white:


if you think you have understand, challenge me!


my username is: seanki.

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