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Video Series: Intermediate Checkmates

Video Series: Intermediate Checkmates

Sep 8, 2011, 12:00 AM 5 Chess.com Help

This is guide to a video series. Intermediate Checkmates is for Beginner and Intermediate players to improve their vocabulary of checkmating positions. Recognizing a few patterns in various altered situations is absolutely required for being able to attack and mate opponents.

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Intermediate Checkmates 1: First video on checkmating patterns; the basic pattern focused on is the Anastasia Mate. Beginner-Intermediate level.

Intermediate Checkmates 2: Second video on checkmating patterns. Beginner-Intermediate level.

Intermediate Checkmates 3: Smothered Mates and related patterns. Beginner-Intermediate level. 

Intermediate Checkmates 4: The Arabian mate is added to our arsenal. Beginner-Intermediate level. 

Intermediate Checkmates 5: The series finishes up with the Karpov choke! Intermediate level.

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