Video Series on King and Pawn Endings

Video Series on King and Pawn Endings

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With the "King and Pawn Ending" video series I set out to achieve one simple goal: Provide the most fundamental examples necessary in order for someone to go from a basic/beginner's knowledge, to a master level understanding of the most critical King and Pawn ending ideas and patterns.

King and Pawn endings are arguably the most important building block in a chess player's endgame repertoire. Quite ironically -- they are often overlooked -- with chess players jumping immediately into the study of "Rook and Pawn endings" or "Opposite Colored Bishop endings".

Though I certainly do not dispute the practical value of mastering those endgames, EVERY endgame has the potential to reach and become a King and Pawn ending (after the simple trading of a few pieces Wink). So, to skip over the basic patterns and techniques required to master King and Pawn endings would be completely foolish. Enjoy the series!

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Part 1 -- The first video presents several basic examples designed to explain Opposition and "the Rule of the Square". You must begin your journey with the basics, so knowing the most critical winning position ("King on the 6th, and Pawn on the 5th") is a good start! (Beginner)

Part 2 -- The second video Moving on from "King on the 6th, Pawn on the 5th" we can now strive to understand the concepts behind Distant and Irregular Opposition. Anticipating your opponent's ability to make "waiting move(s)" as well as laying the ground work for "corresponding squares" is what we are trying to accomplish with this video. (Beginner)

Part 3 -- The third video Here we try to put your knowledge of Basic, Irregular, and Distant Opposition to work in trying to solve several practical exercises. Very important, as suggested in this video, is that a player take the time to try and "solve" his way while learning the basics of King and Pawn ending technique and patterns.  (Beginner-Intermediate)

Part 4 -- The fourth video We start with a "Defensive Flanking" position, move quickly into a more advanced example of the same technique, and then we climax with a complex puzzle displaying the power of "Out-Flanking" your opponent. The new concept of Opposition in this video? Flanking! (Intermediate-Advanced)

Part 5 -- The fifth video In the fifth, and final "official" video, we learn advanced "Triangulation", "corresponding square techniques", and "defensive opposition". We also see a few practical examples of these patterns from one of my own games. (Intermediate-Advanced)

Part 6 -- The "bonus" video First, Super-GMs Seirawan and Kasparov settle in for some old fashioned triangulation, and we finally climax this series with one of the most difficult King and Pawn endings ever studied. Designed to leave your head spinning and with a "healthy fear of King and Pawn endings".(Advanced)

This listing will be edited when any further modules are added! Also, please leave feedback about the series here, particularly if you have questions, as we do not check the comments sections of old videos very often.

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