Video Series on Practical Defense

Video Series on Practical Defense

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Chess has been called the art of attack and defense. A Lot of stress is always put on a beautiful attack with a beautiful combination that can win the game swiftly. But as GM Melikset Khachiyan illustrates in his video series on practical defense, a perfectly constructed defense can do just the same thing. And more times than not, when in a losing position, it's defense that is going to be your best friend! This is a video series for you in your times of touble! 

 In this video series we tried to accomplish three things: 

  1. Illustrate the power of practical defense through example.
  2. Present various defensive ideas that can be applied to multiple positions to help you in many games.
  3. Teach patience in chess through the use of good defense.

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Part 1 -- The first video stresses the importance of staying strong in your defense even through the not-so-pretty situations. Khachiyan uses a tricky line deriving from the Gruenfeld defense to show the watcher that there is great value in setting up an impenetrable defense. He also explains how he recognizes his problems as black, allowing for some insight into a GM's "mid-game" thinking process. (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

Part 2 -- The second video again teaches the subject of defense with an emphasis on recognizing your problems and finding the correct solution to that problem. GM Khachiyan's analysis of this GM vs. GM game teaches how to win games off a purely defensive basis by stunting all of your opponent's good moves. (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

Part 3 -- The third video focuses on a few important defensive ideas. Khachiyan addresses the idea of what to do when your opponent has gotten through the opening with a favorable position and how to react defensively. He also talks about making it difficult for your opponent when he/she clearly has the upper hand. This video constitutes a very "practical" understanding of defensive ideas that can help when you're in trouble. (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

Part 4 -- The fourth video again focuses on what to do when you are in trouble. He shows a game where black faces white's bishop pair and a queenside pawn majority. This is obviously not favorable in the long run. However, Khachiyan shows how to distress your opponent with practical moves when playing for a draw. (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

Part 5 -- The fifth video uses gradmaster level games to prove the point of this series perfectly. The first game played by Karpov shows a shockingly solid defense in times of serious problems. Khachiyan also throws in bonuses about how to use your time when calculating. This is an all around great video which analyzes defense, time, and calculating during chess. Who could ask for more? (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

Part 6 -- The sixth video presents a very typical and very powerful attack. Khachiyan breaks down what thinking process the defender should be going through when trying to overcome this aformentioned attack. This video is excellent for anyone who wants to improve their defensive prowess in times when their King is under direct pressure. (Intermediate=-Advanced Level)

Part 7 -- The seventh video demonstrates getting to a draw when you are in a completely losing position in the endgame. An incorrect opening move lead to being behind all game. However, using practical defense, Khachiyan beats his way back into the game for a draw. This video also emphasizes knowing/guessing what your opponent is going to do ahead of time. (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

Part 8 -- The eighth video showcases a game with Enrico Sevillano played in 2003. Khachiyan's overlooking of one move in a sharp Sveshnikov lead to an undesirable position. Khachiyan played the game out to the 50 move rules proving the power of an indestructible defense. (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

This page will be modified if any other videos are added to this series so keep checking back!

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